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If you want to start a small business name registry, this is the guide for you! We’ll show you how to get started and walk you through all of the necessary steps. Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to keep an existing one active and growing, we have the information you need.

What is a Small Business Name Registry?

A small business name registry can help you save money on domain names and other online branding costs. With a registry, you can choose a unique, affordable name for your business that will last long after you close your doors. You also get to control who can use your business name and ensure that only quality, legitimate businesses are using it.

How to Start a Small Business Name Registry.

To start a small business name registry, simply follow these steps:

1) Choose the type of registry (business or personal)

2) Register your business with the registry

3) Use the registries tools to manage and trademark your business name

4) Use the registries to promote and sell your products and services

5) Develop relationships with other small business name registries and share ideas for branding and marketing your business

How to Register a Small Business Name.

To register a business name, you first need to create a business entity. This can be done through an online platform like Small Business Registry or by calling 1-800-853-1222. Once you have created your business entity, you next need to print and file a registration affidavit. This affidavit will list all of the information about your small business, such as your contact information, physical address, and other important details. Finally, you will need to submit this affidavit along with your application for a Small Business License.

How to Use a Small Business Name.

Once you have registered your business name, it’s time to use it! To start using your new small business name, simply follow these simple steps:

1) Log in to your account at Small Business Registry and click on the “Use My Business Name” button.

2) Enter the correct spelling of the business name you wish to use (e.g., Doe Inc.)

3) Click on the “Create Business Name” button and provide all of the necessary information about your small business (e.g., contact information, and physical address).

4) Follow the instructions provided to complete the process and receive your small business license.

How to Get a Small Business Name.

If you’re starting a small business, it can be helpful to register your name with the Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA has a website that allows you to create a business name and registered trademark. You’ll need to provide the following information: your business symbol, business location, and contact information for your employees. You can also find useful resources like templates and guides on the SBA website.

How to Use a Small Business Name.

Once you have a registered business name, you can use it in official documents such as contracts and notices. You can also use it in marketing materials and on company websites. Always remember that using a small business name without permission may result in legal action taken against you by the SBA or other companies.


Setting up a Small Business Name Registry can give your business the name it needs to stand out from the rest. By registering your business name and using it on popular marketplaces, you can reach a larger audience and boost sales. Additionally, getting a Small Business Name can be easy – just follow the steps outlined in this article!

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